About BoenHealth

Boen International started in January 1986 when Meekness Boen, a self-taught enterpreneur, started a sole proprietorship export and import company called B & L Enterprise. In 1994 Ms. Boen incorporated her company to B & L Healthcare Corp. and specialized her export and import business to providing disposable dental and medical supplies to healthcare industry.

After years of experiences in export and import of health care products in the USA, Ms. Boen saw the need for skin care products that minimize the use of artificial chemicals and promote nature as a source for ingridients in cosmetics and skin care products. In 1994, B & L Healthcare Corp. launched the first facial scrub that is made by 100% natural ingredients. The product was a succes among Asian American in the Bay Area, California. Ms. Boen started her own cosmetics and skin care product line called Beauty America™ Skin Care. She also started Beauty America Nutri Corp. to manage the distribution of the products.

Currently Ms. Boen maintain 100% ownership and shares of both companies. She established Boen International to manage day-to-day operation of both companies. B & L Healthcare Corp. continues to export, import, and distribute disposable dental and medical supplies, including a wide variety of latex and vinyl disposable gloves. Beauty America Nutri Corp., on the other hand focus on the distribution of nature-sourced health care and skin care products.

Boen International imports to and exports from many Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. We continue looking for solid distributors in many countries for possible business relationship. For more information please contact Boen International at:

6343 Hematite Court
San Jose, CA 95135
Phone: 1-408-559-3008
Fax: 1-408-889-8157
Email: meeknesswasboen@gmail.com